About Laurie & Krysantha Healing

About Me

I am passionate about the stunning potential that lies within the human body and spirit.  As a teacher, healer, and speaker, I am committed to living my life from a place of integrity, authenticity, and vibrancy, and to offering the same possibility to others.

From the well of my own being, I offer you the experience of embodied presence: the heart-mind-body connection of deep awareness within the present moment.

My exploration of embodied presence has led me to discover compassionate and effective ways of healing and teaching.  Dancing, meditating, collage-making, traveling, gardening, and hoop dancing provide a foundation for my own spiritual practice, allowing me to experience the gift of being fully human and inspiring me to share this gift with others.

With over 25 years of experience as a healer and teacher, I continue to be energized by the promise of health and delight in our earthly existence. My tenure of more than 20 years in private practice and as a senior faculty member at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (a professional four-year program in Energy Healing) has allowed me to expand my creative vision and has deepened my desire to continue to share both my breadth of knowledge and my joy of life with others.

About Krysantha Healing

Enter the Krysantha – the underlying golden matrix of energy that animates and connects all things. The Krysantha is the animating life force, the bio-photonic light that enlivens every cell of your being.

For the last several years, this energy has been appearing to me and moving through me in my healing work. While tuning in to my clients’ energy fields and physical bodies, I began to see and experience this magnificent, bio-photonic light animating every cell of the human body.

As I explored this golden cellular light, I began to see the threads of connection, from cell to cell, atom to atom — like a spider web, delicate yet unbelievably strong, all covered in dew and illuminated by the morning sun.

These threads radiated throughout the physical body and surrounded it, continuing on to connect all things, out through Infinity.

I came to know this golden flower-like matrix as The Krysantha.

The Krysantha matrix is the golden template and the animating force of life.